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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Asp.Net GridView Remove Html Styling

When I'm using a grid view in Asp.Net, its auto-generated this ugly Html style : cellspacing="0" rules="all" border="1"

Is there a way to not have this styling at all ?


Presently what I got is :

<table cellspacing="0" rules="all" border="1" id="ctl00_cphMain_gvTest" style="border-collapse:collapse;">

What I want :

<table id="ctl00_cphMain_gvTest">

So, no Html style at all. I want clean Html, I'll use CSS if I want to add style...

Answer Source

Take a look at the CSS friendly ASP.NET 2.0 Control Adapaters on the ASP.NET website.

It not only strips out most of the ugly attributes but also adds thead and tbody tags.

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