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HTML Question

Checkbox always "on" when sending to php

I have this checkbox in my html

<input name="cb" class="cmn-toggle cmn-toggle-round" type="checkbox">

What I understood about how checkbox worked, was that when "checked" if you isset the input then it would "exist", and if wasn't "checked" wouldn't, so I did this:

//do something
//do something else

The problem is that when sending the form, it always exist, doesn't matter if checked or not, I don't know how to really see if really checked, so what am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

isset() determine if a variable is set and is not NULL. So in your case, the $_REQUEST['cb'] always exist, so isset() will be true. So if you have isset() in your condition, you need to add a check, if the value is true or false.

You need edit your condition to:

if($_REQUEST['cb']) { ...


if($_REQUEST['cb'] == true){ ...

and the best way is use isset with check above:

if( isset($_REQUEST['cb']) && $_REQUEST['cb'] == true ) { ...
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