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CSS Question

Select single slider element through jQuery instead of all

I have a slider and each slide is a

. For each slide, I would like to toggle a class on it whenever it is clicked. But the problem is that when I click on a slide it is adding class on all slides instead of one that is clicked. How it can be fixed?

Below is my code:


<div class="selling-box-slider">
<div class="selling-box-slide"></div>

<div class="selling-box-slide"></div>

<div class="selling-box-slide"></div>


.selling-box-slide {
background-color: #000;
height: 403px;

.selling-box-clicked {
background-color: #fff !important;


jQuery(".selling-box-slide").click(function() {

Answer Source

Use this value inside click handler. this value inside an event handler refers to the target element which generated the event:

jQuery(".selling-box-slide").click(function() {
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