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How do you add a promise to the flow control queue using protractor?

In my test I am calling and outside library to seed data into our backend before running some ui tests using protractor.

'use strict'

var dataBuilder = require('data_builder.js');

describe('test', function () {
var testData = {
name: 'foo',
title: 'bar',

beforeEach(function () {
//create test data on the backend
dataBuilder.create(testData).then(function (id) {
testData.id = id.id;

it('test something', function () {

As such the promise returned by the dataBuilder isn't resolved before the it() actually finishes. How can I add the promise returned by the dataBuilder into webDriver's flow control?

Answer Source

Protractor exposes WebDriverJS promises on the protractor object so you could use either the flow.await method or create a new promise and use flow.execute.

The former could be achieved something like:

flow = protractor.promise.controlFlow()

flow.await(dataBuilder.create(testData)).then( function(id) {
    testData.id = id.id;

And you can see an example of the latter in this blog post.

This could be done in the it function itself or if this is common to all your tests consider placing it in the onPrepare function of your protractor config.

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