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Correct path for img on React.js

I have some problem with my images on my react project. Indeed I always thought that relative path into src attribute was built on the files architecture

Here my files architecture:


However I realized that the path was build on the url. In one of my component (for example into file1.jsx) I have this :

<img src="../img/myImage.png" /> -> Works

<img src="../img/myImage.png" /> -> doesn't works, images are not displayed

How is it possible to solve this problem ? I want that in any form of routes handled by react-router, all images can be displayed with the same path.

Answer Source

You're using a relative url, which is relative to the current url, not the file system. You could resolve this by using absolute urls

<img src ="http://localhost:3000/details/img/myImage.png" />

But that's not great for when you deploy to, or whatever. Better would be to use a url relative to the root directory of the site

<img src="/details/img/myImage.png />

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