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Ruby on Rails 3 - to_json not including all attributes

I'm using the

method on my model object that I created by doing something like:

user = User.find(1)

When I do
, a lot of attributes are missing, including
from the encoded JSON string. It appears that all of the attributes that I've added as attr_accessible from the User model are there, but none of the others. Perhaps that is what to_json is doing, but I think that adding
to attr_accessible is a no go.

What is the right way of solving this problem?


This looks to be a specific issue with Devise. If I comment out the following from user.rb, everything works as expected:

devise :rememberable, :trackable, :token_authenticatable, :omniauthable

Answer Source

I haven't checked but I believe Devise does that for you; it includes only certain attributes via attr_accessible.

In any case the right way to solve this is to override the as_json method like so:

def as_json(options = nil)
    my_attr: my_attr,
    etc: etc

It's a simple hash and it's a really powerful method to generate JSON in AR, without messing with the to_json method.

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