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ASP.NET (C#) Question

how to edit .csproj file

when I am compiling my .csproj file using .NET framework 4.0 MSBUILD.EXE file I am getting an error "lable01" not found in the current context of "website01.csproj"

Actually I need to add every ASP.NET page with its Code Behind file's reference, I done it.. Its working fine... But the above error is pending...

Hope it mean that I need to add form name "LABLE01" in that .csproj file But I do not know the syxtax. Anybody please do provide me with the syntax to add form name in .csproj file...

Answer Source

The CSPROJ file, saved in XML format, stores all the references for your project including your compilation options. There is also a SLN file which stores information about projects that make up your solution.

If you are using Visual Studio and have the need to view or edit your CSPROJ file while in Visual Studio you can do so by the following these simple steps:

  1. Right click on your project in solution explorer and select Unload Project
  2. Right click on the project (tagged as unavailable in solution explorer) and click "Edit yourproj.csproj". This will open up your CSPROJ file for editing.
  3. After making any changes you want, save and close the file. Right click again on the node and choose Reload Project when done.
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