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Javascript Question

how to run a js file in my browser

The first thanks to all, thanks to your answers I am learning to program little by little.

In the intranet of my office daily I have to make a query via browser that returns me about 1000 results. I have to check them all since I do not have a filtering option. Imagine that I have to look for the stock of red pens. Well the query only returns me all the pencils there are, without filtering color, size, etc.

I've written a script in javascript that filters the results and shows them by colors, sizes, etc, but to run it I have to press F12 to open the browser console and copy and paste the javascript code.

Is there any option for you to run the filtering directly from a js file without having to be pressing F12 and copying and pasting the code?

Answer Source

You can write a chrome extension to automatically run this on the specified page(s), assuming you are using chrome.

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