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Issue in getting text content (php)

i'm actually working on Ubuntu distribution, coding php.

I want to read a text file, and extract lines so that they appear in a combobox field.

I'm trying to do it this way : (i'm new in php, be gentle :d)

$file = fopen($fichier_txt.'.txt', 'r+');

if ($file)
$compteur_lignes = 0;
while (!feof($file) /*&& ($buffer = fgets($file, 4096) !== false)*/)
$lignes = fgets($file);
echo '<br>';
echo $lignes;
echo '<br>';
$lignes = fgets($file);
echo '<select name="cbBox" size="1" id="Combobox">';
$option = "<option value=\"Please select a Category\">Select an option</option> \n";
for ($i = 0; $i < $compteur_lignes; $i++)

$option .= "<option ";
$option .= "value=\"$lignes[$i]\">$lignes[$i]</option> \n";
echo $option;
echo '</select>';


As I do this, i get the content of my text file in my localhost output, but my comboxo shows empty fields, like if my $lignes[$i] doesn't contain any value...

Would you mind helping me a little :) ?

Thanks in advance,


Stelio Kontos.

Answer Source

You are not filling $lignes as an array but as a string, which means that it always contains only the last line. You should be doing this:

$lignes = array();
while (!feof($file))
    $lignes[] = fgets($file);
    echo '<br>';
    echo $lignes[count($lignes) - 1];

And you have to remove the $lignes = fgets($file) that is outside your loop.

By the way, the variable $compteur_lignes is useless, you can get the size of the $lignes array at any time using the function count:

$lines_count = count($lignes);

As a side note that is slightly offtopic, I'd recommend naming your variables in english rather than french. PHP functions and keywords are in english, you should code in english.

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