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reST (reStructuredText) Question

Getting an unespected extra escape character on Java Restful API JSON result string

I am creating a restful api(service) using maven and jersey. My Repository attributeMasterRepository retuns the data in String format.

JSONObject attribute = new JSONObject();

attribute.put("Product_Brand", attributeMasterRepository.getProductBrand(cluster, CouchbaseBucket.RangePlan));
attribute.put("Product_Type", attributeMasterRepository.getProductType(cluster, CouchbaseBucket.RangePlan));

String attributeStr = "[" + attribute.toString() + "]";
return attributeStr;

My above code in the Service layer returns an unexpected "\" on the string.
I need to get rid of the "\".

Here is my Output:

"[{\"active\":true,\"description\":\"ALL IN ONES\",\"id\":2},
"[{\"active\":false,\"brand\":\"101 DALMATIANS\",\"id\":1}]"

Could you please let me know on how to get the "\" removed.


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You did not state which libraries you use, but also you can just replace the \ characters:

json.replaceAll("\\\\", "");

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