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Swift Question

how to remove Duplicate values from Dict in swift 2.0

Hi I just want remove repeated objects should be removed in

I am populating it in

Here my sample code in 'CellForRowAtIndexPath'

controller.titleName = dict["itemName"] as? String

my output:

itemName = test;
itemName = funny;
itemName = vv;
itemName = hhh;
itemName = west;

Answer Source

First, i think thing you are using array to make dict so before load tableview/collectionview delete all replicated object from your array.

there is one option you have to create NSSet from NSArray so in NSSet all replicated object automatically removed . and then from NSSet you have to create NSArray. convert set from array as follow

var set = NSSet(array: myarray)

to convert array for set

var newarry = set.allObjects as NSArray
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