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How the javascript getElementById in another php?

I want to apply facebook login to my web application.

In order to split different parts, navigation bar, sidebar and content, into different php files, I need to use multiple


in index.php

The script of facebook SDK is in index.php. When I use
in the script, it cannot find the element in
. The javascript can only find the element I needed when remove
and move everything from
to index.php at the line that I removed

If I want to keep using
, how can I use
to find the elements in
when I call the function in

(I guess this kind of question has been asked before but I don't know how to call this kind of problem such that I don't know how to search for the solution)

Here are the codes in

function statusChangeCallback(response) {
if (response.status === 'connected') {
// Logged into your app and Facebook.
document.getElementById('container').innerHTML = 'Please log ' +
'into Facebook.';

The id
is in xxx.php.

Answer Source

Where are you calling statusChangeCallback() from? The inclusion of php files in your code takes place on the server side and is done before any output takes place. The javascript is executed in the user's browser once the completed page has been sent. So php include can not break this!

It is likely you are calling statusChangeCallback() in the wrong place so the function can not be found. You should either put the function after the call i.e. at the end of the included php content. Or you should wrap it in a document.ready function so that it is available only once the document has finished loading.

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