Alessandro Bottamedi Alessandro Bottamedi - 2 years ago 291
Javascript Question

jssor slider, how to set duration for each slide on autoplay?

Does anyone know if you can set a duration interval for EACH SPECIFIC slide (Not transition) using jssor with

option set to TRUE?

I can now set all slide duration with
but I need to have for example:

SLIDE1: pause here for 2000ms
SLIDE2: pause here for 3000ms

Any Idea?

Answer Source

I have just added this feature, please download the latest version.

Now you can set $AutoPlayInterval option,

and also, you can set idle time for each individual slide as follows,

<div u="slides" ...>
    <div><img u="image" src="image_url_1" /></div>
    <div idle="2000"><img u="image_url_2" /></div>
    <div idle="3000"><img u="image" src="image_url_3" /></div>
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