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Breakpoints do not work on CDT 8.4.0 for Eclipse Luna for Linux

I had good times debugging Java applications on Eclipse, but recently that I'm working on a C/C++ on Ubuntu 12.04 using Eclipse CDT, it ignores the breakpoints when debugging! I've tried two versions of Eclipse CDT, CDT 8.4.0 for Eclipse Luna, but doesn't work either. Can somebody help with that?

NOTE: I know there are some other similar questions, but I was thinking it is better to ask this question which specifically addresses CDT 8.4.0 for Eclipse Luna.

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The eclipse-cdt is shipped only with the required tools for building c/c++ applications. It does not ship with gdb. You need to install that separately

How do I use GDB in Eclipse for C/C++ Debugging?

From link above these are the steps to follow.

1. Go to Help > Install New Software.
2. Add the CDT repository http://download.eclipse.org/tools/cdt/releases/8.4 to the list of repositories.
3. Select the CDT Repository. Now you need to install the CDT plugin along with GDB support from the list of available plugins (Select the CDT Main Features as well as CDT GNU Toolchain Debug support).

I updated the CDT repository path to correspond to your release (Luna).

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