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Javascript Question

how to use set_id to rename node_id in jstree?

this is my rename function, none of the options i've tried work, i do know, that set_id is the function to use but how?

$('#jstree').on('rename_node.jstree', function (node,obj) {

var node_id = "calculated"// calculate node_id
// tried the following 3 options ..

$('#jstree').jstree(true).set_id(obj,node_id); //not working

obj.instance.set_id(this,node_id)// not working either

So how do i set the node_id in jstree?

Answer Source

I looked at the API http://www.jstree.com/api/#/?q=rename&f=rename_node.jstree, and I think you have to use obj.node.


obj.text should contain the new name of the node, and obj.old the old name of the node.

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