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Java StreamTokenizer taking a number and character without whitespace as separate tokens

I'm writing a parser with

. I need an input like
to echo an error that a number contains a char. Instead, it prints:

NUM: 8 ID: a

It seems to be identifying the char as a separate token, even though no whitespace separates them.

Is there a workaround?

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You can override StringTokenizer's parseNumbers method to disable special handling of number characters. Please be aware this might be very risky and otherwise unsuitable.

As per javadoc

 * When the parser encounters a word token that has the format of a
 * double precision floating-point number, it treats the token as a
 * number rather than a word, by setting the {@code ttype}
 * field to the value {@code TT_NUMBER} and putting the numeric
 * value of the token into the {@code nval} field.

Here comes example - I am not adding 'numeric' attribute to typical characters used in numbers:

    final Reader rd = new StringReader("8a");
    final StreamTokenizer tk = new StreamTokenizer(rd) {
        public void parseNumbers() {
            // super.parseNumbers(); - by not calling super. I disable special handling of numeric characters

    tk.wordChars('a', 'z');
    tk.wordChars('0', '9');
    while ((tk.nextToken()) != StreamTokenizer.TT_EOF) {
        if (tk.ttype == StreamTokenizer.TT_WORD) {
            System.out.println("TT_WORD " + tk.sval);
        if (tk.ttype == StreamTokenizer.TT_NUMBER) {
            System.out.println("TT_NUMBER " + tk.nval);



With the above config, you could then get a String 8a and then do String.contains to check if a number is present inside.

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