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How to deprioritize Java testrunner in Eclipse breakpoints?

If I am debugging some multithreaded Java code in Eclipse - with a main class RunTest, and an interesting class QueueListener.


  • When RunTest is initialized - QueueListener runs in the background.

  • When RunTest finalises - QueueListener is terminated

  • There is a single method in RunTest - with a breakpoint in it

  • There is a single method in QueueListener with a breakpoint in it

  • QueueListener can run over and over again

  • RunTest only runs once per execution (parent class)

When debugging in Eclipse - both breakpoints come up. But Eclipse gives priority to RunTest - and I have to manually flip it over to the QueueListener by selecting that thread in the debugger - and keep repeating this over and over.

Is there a way to tell Eclipse that I'm more interested in the QueueListener, and consider the testrunner to be a lower priority - when it chooses debug breakpoints to show?

Answer Source

The answer can be found in the eclipse source code within the ThreadEventHandler method. There is a queue of suspended threads, as below:

 * Queue of suspended threads to choose from when needing
 * to select a thread when another is resumed. Threads
 * are added in the order they suspend.
private Set fThreadQueue = new LinkedHashSet();

Further down, every time a breakpoint is hit, the suspended thread is added to this queue:

protected void handleSuspend(DebugEvent event) {

The method to get the next suspended thread is:

protected synchronized IThread getNextSuspendedThread() {
    if (!fThreadQueue.isEmpty()) {
        return (IThread) fThreadQueue.iterator().next();
    return null;

So the answer is no, there is no control over the order, it will strictly be in the order that each thread hits the breakpoint and is added to the underlying queue.

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