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Search and remove element with elementTree in Python

I have an XML document in which I want to search for some elements and if they match some criteria
I would like to delete them

However, I cannot seem to be able to access the parent of the element so that I can delete it

file = open('test.xml', "r")
elem = ElementTree.parse(file)

namespace = "{http://somens}"

props = elem.findall('.//{0}prop'.format(namespace))
for prop in props:
type = prop.attrib.get('type', None)
if type == 'json':
value = json.loads(prop.attrib['value'])
if value['name'] == 'Page1.Button1':
#here I need to access the parent of prop
# in order to delete the prop

Is there a way I can do this?


Answer Source

You can remove child elements with the according remove method. To remove an element you have to call its parents remove method. Unfortunately Element does not provide a reference to its parents, so it is up to you to keep track of parent/child relations (which speaks against your use of elem.findall())

A proposed solution could look like this:

root = elem.getroot()
for child in root:
    if != "prop":
    if True:# TODO: do your check here!

PS: don't use prop.attrib.get(), use prop.get(), as explained here.

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