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Hour by hour Timeline display of 'events' - mysql php

I have been googling for a while but haven't come up with anything great as yet.

What I want to do is take mysql data (below)
mysql table

and display it in an hourly timeline, something like:
desired timeline

Anyone got any good links or tutorials on how to make this happen?

Not looking for an exact solution(although that helps) but just some direction t get me started.

so mysql db with php and jquery


Answer Source

These timeline / gantt plugins should get you most of the way there, likely just need to setup the JSON data:

  1. dhtmlxScheduler (Timeline View)

    Timeline View

  2. Bluelinemedia Timeline

    Bluelinemedia Timeline

  3. Pure CSS Timeline - Matt Bango (link does not work anymore)

    Pure CSS Timeline

  4. Chronoline JS

    Chronoline JS

  5. Timeline JS

    Timeline JS

  6. jQuery.Gantt

    enter image description here

Most of these found using timeline, gantt, jQuery, js keywords

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