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Best practices for serializing objects to a custom string format for use in an output file

I was just about to implement an override of ToString() on a particular business class in order to produce an Excel-friendly format to write to an output file, which will be picked up later and processed. Here's what the data is supposed to look like:

5555555 "LASTN SR, FIRSTN" 5555555555 13956 STREET RD TOWNSVILLE MI 48890 25.88 01-003-06-0934

It's no big deal for me to just make a format string and override
, but that will change the behavior of
for any objects I decide to serialize this way, making the implementation of
all ragged across the library.

Now, I've been reading up on IFormatProvider, and a class implementing it sounds like a good idea, but I'm still a little confused about where all this logic should reside and how to build the formatter class.

What do you guys do when you need to make a CSV, tab-delimited or some other non-XML arbitrary string out of an object?

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Here is a generic fashion for creating CSV from a list of objects, using reflection:

    public static string ToCsv<T>(string separator, IEnumerable<T> objectlist)
        Type t = typeof(T);
        FieldInfo[] fields = t.GetFields();

        string header = String.Join(separator, fields.Select(f => f.Name).ToArray());

        StringBuilder csvdata = new StringBuilder();

        foreach (var o in objectlist) 
            csvdata.AppendLine(ToCsvFields(separator, fields, o));

        return csvdata.ToString();

    public static string ToCsvFields(string separator, FieldInfo[] fields, object o)
        StringBuilder linie = new StringBuilder();

        foreach (var f in fields)
            if (linie.Length > 0)

            var x = f.GetValue(o);

            if (x != null)

        return linie.ToString();

Many variations can be made, such as writing out directly to a file in ToCsv(), or replacing the StringBuilder with an IEnumerable and yield statements.

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