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C# Question

C# Serial Port Write Byte

Writing a single byte to the serial port in .NET 4.0 in C# causes a

InvalidOperationException was unhandled by user code

Every time a byte is sent to the SerialPort.

How do I write a single byte to the serial port?

//Serial Init
//Full fledged constuctor
public NetCommManager(String portName, TransmissionType trans, String baud, String parity, String stopBits, String dataBits)
nc_baudRate = baud;
nc_parity = parity;
nc_stopBits = stopBits;
nc_dataBits = dataBits;
nc_portName = portName;
nc_transType = trans;

//now add an event handler
comPort.DataReceived += new SerialDataReceivedEventHandler(netComm_DataReceived);


_commManger = new NetCommManager(commPortNumber,
NetCommManager.TransmissionType.Text, "19200", "None", "One", "8");

The Byte to be written:

_commManager.WriteByte(Convert.ToByte( 0x7B));

function is:

public void WriteByte(byte data)
//change data to array
//byte[] dataArray = new byte[1];
var dataArray = new byte[] {data};
//dataArray[0] = data;
comPort.Write(dataArray, 0, 1); // <-- Exception is thrown here

The NetCommManager class is very much based on this example

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