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How to configure and run database mail in SQL Server

How to enable and run database mail in SQL Server 2008? I know that it need to

  • Enabling Service Broker

  • Configuring SMTP (a Mail server is needed)

  • Using configuration stored procedure

I don't know what's the relation between application and database mail.

Actually how to enable database mail for a RollBack and Commit Transaction ? (not for all SP , just for some of them)

Update: database mail is a service which automatically sends mail (or sms) to a person which you specify in the configuration. You can specify that this event (sending mail) where and when fired. So I want to see how can I configure this.

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I cannot think of any way to configure db mail to send for every rollback or transaction, that would be a little overkill, and it sounds like you want to be selective about it anyways.

What you can do though is add a call to the email sp after each commit / rollback in your stored procedures. Here's a quick example:

-- sql operations here

-- send email
EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail
@profile_name = 'DB Alerts',
@recipients = '',
@body = 'Commit completed for ...',
@subject = 'SQL Commit/Rollback event';

You can read more about the parameters for sp_send_dbmail here:

Hope this helps

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