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How do I get Amazon Health Status via an API

Is it possible to get Amazon web services health api flags via an API. Their RSS feed does not mention the actual status of the given service.

I am looking for a possible API which returns,

  1. Service is operating normally

  2. Performance issues

  3. Service disruption

  4. Informational message

I rather read an answer which points me to the documentation which I may have skipped. At last if nothing I might go down to the screen scrapping path. However it isn't viable at all.

Any thoughts.

Answer Source

There is not currently an API for this. I have asked them before for cloudwatch alerts or an API. Maybe it is in the pipeline?

However you can parse the RSS feed, easily with something like google feed api:

If there are no posts assume, service is operating normally. Otherwise read the text of the "post's" title parsing on the ":" the first half is the status.

for example if your latest post is

  <title type="text">Performance issues: Route 53 Elevated API Error Rate</title>
  <pubDate>Wed, 16 Jan 2013 19:43:43 PST</pubDate>
  <description>We are continuing to work to resolve elevated error rates to our control API. This does not impact queries to existing DNS records.</description>

Then your status is "Performance issues" until you recieve a new post with a title starting "service operating normally"

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