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Node.js intercept Promise and elaborate Response

I am getting started with Node.js + Express and at the moment I am writing my HTTP APIs structure.

I have a controller that exposes some methods using the following pattern:

'use strict';
var AppApiFactory = function (express, appService) {

var api = express.app;

/* Get all apps ordered by Name Ascending */
function getAllApps(request, response) {
appService.getApps(request.query.$expand).then(function (apps) {
.catch(function (err) {
console.error('Error occurred in Apps Api: ' + err);
response.status(500).send("" + err);

/* Routing */
api.get('/api/v1/apps', getAllApps);

return {
getAllApps: getAllApps,

module.exports = AppApiFactory;

appService is a simple method returned by my ORM which include a Promise and an array of objects.
Now, because I have to implement some ISO/RFC standards, the response has to be translated in a more complex structure like:

"data":[my promise array],

How can I intercept the Promise returned by the ORM, modify the content and again return another promise from my Express Controller?
Is this possible?

Maybe it's a stupid question but I still didn't master the concept behind promise.
I am coming from .NET/Java, JavaScript(client) worlds so I am a bit new to JavaScript server-side.

Answer Source

Without knowing more about this specific context, a Promise's .then() statement can be chained, where the "thenable" from one .then() call flows into the next.

In your situation, it might look something like this:

function getAllApps() {
  return appService
    .then(function(apps) {
      return {
        data: apps,
        count: apps.length,
        type: "xmlns:mytype..."

Calling getAllApps() would then return a promise, which takes the original response from appService.getApps() and transforms it into the format you're expecting.

getAllApps.then(function(response) {

// {data: [...], length: 10, type: "..."}

See this MDN article on Promise.prototype.then() for more.

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