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MSVCP120d.dll missing

Every time I want to compile my Visual Studio project I get the message that MSVCP120d.dll is missing. Google can't help me. I already installed some redistributables but they didn't help. I also found this:

Msvcp120d.dll Debug version of C++ runtime. No redistribution

Answer Source

From the comments, the problem was caused by using dlls that were built with Visual Studio 2013 in a project compiled with Visual Studio 2012. The reason for this was a third party library named the folders containing the dlls vc11, vc12. One has to be careful with any system that uses the compiler version (less than 4 digits) since this does not match the version of Visual Studio (except for Visual Studio 2010).

  • vc8 = Visual Studio 2005
  • vc9 = Visual Studio 2008
  • vc10 = Visual Studio 2010
  • vc11 = Visual Studio 2012
  • vc12 = Visual Studio 2013
  • vc14 = Visual Studio 2015

The Microsoft C++ runtime dlls use a 2 or 3 digit code also based on the compiler version not the version of Visual Studio.

  • MSVCP80.DLL is from Visual Studio 2005
  • MSVCP90.DLL is from Visual Studio 2008
  • MSVCP100.DLL is from Visual Studio 2010
  • MSVCP110.DLL is from Visual Studio 2012
  • MSVCP120.DLL is from Visual Studio 2013
  • MSVCP140.DLL is from Visual Studio 2015
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