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PHPStorm - Increase memory to more than 512MB

I'm using

Win7 64bit
64bit Java (latest version I guess)
and working currently on an insanely big and chaotic project. There are many classes containing
10k LOC
and more. Therefore my
runs out of memory once in a while.

I get this nice
dialog suggesting increasing my memory settings. I currently have set in my


The problem is: When I increase my memory to be used in this file I get the following error when starting the program:

Failed to create JVM: Error code -4

I googled around but nobody seems to want the memory to be more than

Does anybody know what I can do to use PHPStorm without any hazzle again?

Sure, I can reset the cache but this is not a permanent solution, right?

I read somewhere that adding this line to my
is a good idea, but I don't see any difference:




Answer Source

Make sure that PhpStorm use 64-bit Java and not bundled one (which is 32-bit). You an check that in Help | About.

Generally speaking: with 64-bit Java you do not have to change that value as it works a bit differently compared to 32-bit one.

1) PhpStorm comes with bundled x86 Java and it is the first one that it tries; only then it looks for other Java installations -- check PhpStorm.bat for details (what environment variables and in which order). By defining one of those environment variables (which will point to your 64-bit Java installation) you can tell PhpStorm to use instead of bundled one.

2) PhpStorm v8 (currently in EAP stage) comes with 64-bit specific files: you should use PhpStorm64.exe and not PhpStorm.exe (same for .vmoptions file -- it should be PhpStorm64.exe.vmoptions).

I'm not sure how PhpStorm v7 works with 64-bit Java -- have never tried it this way myself.

Selecting the JDK version the IDE will run under

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