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Adding an onclick function to go to url in javascript?

I am using this fancy little JavaScript to highlight a field as the user hovers over it. Could you please tell me if there is a way of adding an onclick function which will act as a link and go to a URL?

$(function() {
$('tr').hover(function() {
$(this).css('background-color', '#eee');
$(this).contents('td').css({'border': '0px solid red', 'border-left': 'none', 'border-right': 'none'});
$(this).contents('td:first').css('border-left', '0px solid red');
$(this).contents('td:last').css('border-right', '0px solid red');
function() {
$(this).css('background-color', '#FFFFFF');
$(this).contents('td').css('border', 'none');
$('a#read_message.php').click(function(){ URL(); });

Answer Source


 window.location = url;

Also use;

if you want to open in a new window.

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