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URL Mapping broken for actions other than index in standalone WAR for Grails 3 App

I'm new to GRAILS but I built a simple app and I'm trying to deploy it to tomcat.

If I run the app using:

grails prod run-app

everything works fine. However, if I build it to a war file

grails prod war

then either upload the war package to a tomcat server or run it directly like

java -Dgrails.env=prod -jar build\lib\app.war

then I get this strange behaviour where everything seems fine at first but whenever I click on a link for an action other than index, I get a 404 error.

webapp:8080/employee WORKS
webapp:8080/employee/index WORKS
webapp:8080/employee/show/1 404 error
webapp:8080/department WORKS
webapp:8080/department/show/1 404 error


In the above example webapp:8080/employee/show/1 should definitely be found because it is listed and linked from a table in the index.

Im having a huge amount of trouble getting to the bottom of it because I cant seem to find any feedback from a running war file whether I run it in tomcat or directly, even if I move environments to test or dev. Theres just nothing in the log files or stdout.

Here is my UrlMappings

package generico

class UrlMappings {

static mappings = {
constraints {
// apply constraints here

// "/"(view:"/index")
"/"(controller:"employee", action:"index")

Again, everything works absolutely fine if I do "grails run-app" for any environment.

I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Answer Source

My problem was with Grails 3.2.1. After I updated to Grails 3.2.2, did a gradle clean, then repackaged, everything works fine.

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