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C# Question

Is there a way to invoke a templated class on an anonymous type?

Here's some code to give the idea.

public class C<T> { }
public class X {
void M() {
var V = new { W = 1 };
var X = new C<V>(); // illegal

So V is a variable of an anonymous type and I would like to instantiate class C with V as its argument. This requires a type argument, which I cannot supply.

This questions is similar but the answer is not much help in my case: Why can't I instantiate a generic class inferring types from anonymous objects?

The question behind the question is that I'm trying to do what IEnumerable can do.

Should have made it clear: I would really prefer not to do this by manipulating
because you lose the benefits of strong typing and Intellisense.

For anyone interested, the project that needs this is described here: http://www.andl.org/2016/07/andl-net-making-progress/.

Jon Jon
Answer Source

You can use type inference if you have a factory method:

public class C<T>
    public C(T t)
        // ...

public static class Factory
    public static C<T> Create<T>(T t)
        return new C<T>(t);

public class Thing
    void Foo()
        var x = new { y = "z" };
        //var thing = new C(x); - doesn't work, you need to specify the generic parameter
        var thing = Factory.Create(x); // T is inferred here
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