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CSS Question

dropdown select on containing div click pure javascript

<div class="container">
<select class="form_select">
<option>the option</option>

.container {
width: 300px;
border:1px solid blue;
select {

I have a div containing a select option. The div is larger than the select box. Using a pure javascript solution, I would like the select dropdown to happen when the containing div is clicked outside the select box area. The only solutions I have found are jquery and I am seeking a pure javascript solution.

I don't need exact code (but it helps) as I am not very good with javascript so please explain any answer completely.

Answer Source

If what you're asking is how to cause a drop-down select to drop down programmatically (e.g., in response to a click somewhere else that triggers your code), you can't do that.

ref how open/close options of 'select' when you click on anyone 'div'

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