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How to upload local files to empty GitHub Repository Created By A Client

My client has provided me with an empty GitHub Repository, I need to upload my local files to this repository, the problem is I don't see a "Clone" option in the GitHub page, is it because the repository is empty, I read that repositories needs to be initialized first with at least the ReadMe file or is it because I don't have permission to clone the repository because the client doesn't have my email/GitHub id or is it both?

PS: I have worked on couple of Git projects so I'm familiar with the command lines but I have never created a new repository. I have also installed GitHub Desktop on Mac and plan to use it instead of the command line option.


Answer Source

Initiate a git repository on your local

git init

Add remote url to git

git remote add origin git@github.com:USERNAME/REPOSITORY.git

Make you commits and push to remote

git push origin master

More explanation here.

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