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Python ConfigParser cannot search .ini file correctly (Ubuntu 14, Python 3.4)

The code compiles fine but when ever i call the read_db_config function i get "Exception: mysql not found in the mysql_config.ini file"

The file is in the same directory but the main script runs two directories up using

import sys
from Config.MySQL.python_mysql_dbconfig import read_db_config

I am new to python and have searched everywhere but i cannot seem to pinpoint my issue


from ConfigParser import ConfigParser

def read_db_config(filename='mysql_config.ini', section='mysql'):

# create parser and read ini configuration file
parser = ConfigParser()

# get section, default to mysql
db = {}
if parser.has_section(section):
items = parser.items(section)
for item in items:
db[item[0]] = item[1]
raise Exception('{0} not found in the {1} file'.format(section, filename))

return db


database = testdba
user = root
password = test
unix_socket = /opt/lampp/var/mysql/mysql.sock

Answer Source

if you use relative paths for file or directory names python will look for them (or create them) in your current working directory (the $PWD variable in bash).

if you want to have them relative to the current python file, you can use (python 3.4)

from pathlib import Path
HERE = Path(__file__).parent.resolve()
CONFIG_PATH = HERE / '../etc/mysql_config.ini'

or (python 2.7)

import os.path
HERE = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
CONFIG_PATH = os.path.join(HERE, '../etc/mysql_config.ini')

if your mysql_config.ini file lives in the etc directory below your python script.

you could of course always use absolute paths (starting with a /; i.e. /home/someuser/mysql_config.ini).

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