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React JSX Question

How do I use d3.nest inside my react-reducer?

I've the following reducer :

const initialState = {data1:null, data2:null, isFetching: false,error:null};
export const gaData = (state = initialState, action)=>{
switch (action.type) {
return Object.assign(
{data1: action.data1,
data2: ([x, y, z]) => ({ x, y, z }) ),
isFetching: action.isFetching,
error: null });
default:return state;

How do I use
so I can nest
value and rollup
value for

If I'm right I would to do something like this :

var newdata = d3.nest()
.key(function(d) { return d.x; })
.rollup(function(d) { return d3.sum(d, function(g) {return g.y;}); })

but I don't know do to include this in my reducer.

Answer Source

It sounds as though you just want to do something like this:

        let data2 =[x, y, z]) => ({ x, y, z }));
        data2 = d3.nest()
            .key(function (d) { return d.x; })
            .rollup(function (d) { return d3.sum(d, function (g) { return g.y; }); })

Then you can just return data2 as part of the new state object.

As an aside, consider changing your variable name to something more meaningful than data2!

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