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Zooming MKMapView to fit annotation pins?

I am using MKMapView and have added a number of annotation pins to the map about a 5-10 kilometre area. When I run the application my map starts zoomed out to show the whole world, what is the best way to zoom the map so the pins fit the view?

My initial thinking would be to use MKCoordinateRegionMake and calculate the coordinate centre, longitudeDelta and latitudeDelta from my annotations. I am pretty sure this will work, but I just wanted to check I was not missing anything obvious.

Code added, BTW: FGLocation is an class that conforms to

, locationFake is an
of these objects. Comments are always welcome ....

- (MKCoordinateRegion)regionFromLocations {
CLLocationCoordinate2D upper = [[locationFake objectAtIndex:0] coordinate];
CLLocationCoordinate2D lower = [[locationFake objectAtIndex:0] coordinate];

for(FGLocation *eachLocation in locationFake) {
if([eachLocation coordinate].latitude > upper.latitude) upper.latitude = [eachLocation coordinate].latitude;
if([eachLocation coordinate].latitude < lower.latitude) lower.latitude = [eachLocation coordinate].latitude;
if([eachLocation coordinate].longitude > upper.longitude) upper.longitude = [eachLocation coordinate].longitude;
if([eachLocation coordinate].longitude < lower.longitude) lower.longitude = [eachLocation coordinate].longitude;

MKCoordinateSpan locationSpan;
locationSpan.latitudeDelta = upper.latitude - lower.latitude;
locationSpan.longitudeDelta = upper.longitude - lower.longitude;
CLLocationCoordinate2D locationCenter;
locationCenter.latitude = (upper.latitude + lower.latitude) / 2;
locationCenter.longitude = (upper.longitude + lower.longitude) / 2;

MKCoordinateRegion region = MKCoordinateRegionMake(locationCenter, locationSpan);
return region;

Answer Source

You've got it right. Find your maximum and minimum latitudes and longitudes, apply some simple arithmetic, and use MKCoordinateRegionMake.

For iOS 7 and above (Referring MKMapView.h) : // Position the map such that the provided array of annotations are all visible to the fullest extent possible.

- (void)showAnnotations:(NSArray *)annotations animated:(BOOL)animated NS_AVAILABLE(10_9, 7_0);

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