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Bash Question

Getting bash script to update parent shell's Environment

I am attempting to write a

command line tool that is usable immediately after installation, i.e. in the same shell as its installation script was called. Lets say
(designed for Ubuntu) looks like:

# Get the script's absolute path:
pushd `dirname $0` > /dev/null
popd > /dev/null

# Add lines to bash.bashrc to export the environment variable:
echo "SCRIPT_HOME=${SCRIPTPATH}" >> /etc/bash.bashrc
echo "export SCRIPT_HOME" >> /etc/bash.bashrc

# Create a new command:
cp ${SCRIPTPATH}/newcomm /usr/bin
chmod a+x /usr/bin/newcomm

The idea is that the new command
uses the
environment variable to reference the main script - which is also in

exec "${SCRIPT_HOME}/main-script.sh"

Now, the updated
hasn't been loaded into the parent shell yet. Worse, I cannot
it from within the script - which is running in a child shell. Using
to change
in the parent shell would at best be duct-taping the issue, but even this is impossible. Also note that the installation script needs to be run using
so it cannot be called from the parent shell using

It should be possible since package managers like
do it. Is there a robust way to patch up my approach? How is this usually done, and is there a good guide to writing bash installers?

Answer Source

You can't. Neither can apt.

A package manager will instead just write required data/variables to a file, which are read either by the program itself, by a patch to the program, or by a wrapper.

Good examples can be found in /etc/default/*. These are files with variable definitions, and some even helpfully describe where they're sourced from:

$ cat /etc/default/ssh
# Default settings for openssh-server. This file is sourced by /bin/sh from
# /etc/init.d/ssh.

# Options to pass to sshd

You'll notice that none of the options are set in your current shell after installing a package, since programs get them straight from the files in one way or another.

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