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C Question

can I reuse zlib's z_stream for several operations?

I am currently playing with


Usual example is more or less as follows (C/C++ pseudo code)

z_stream zs;
memset(&zs, 0, sizeof(zs));

if (deflateInit(&zs, Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION) != Z_OK)
return false;

zs.next_in = input_data;
zs.avail_in = input_size;

zs.next_out = output_data;
zs.avail_out = output_size;

int result = deflate(&zs, Z_FINISH);


return result == Z_STREAM_END ? true : false;

Using valgrind I see deflateInit and memset are not entirely "free" operations, but takes considerable time.

My question is, can I reuse

e.g. can I deflate more than once by just updating the buffers?


Yes. You can use deflateReset() to have the same effect as deflateEnd() followed by deflateInit(), but entirely avoiding the costly de- and re-allocations.