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How to create a user from a file in Bash?

I have a file called

with around one hundred entries that are in this format:

ex. :


How can I create users by reading the entries in this file with a Bash script?

Also, the home directory of the users must look like
, and the default
is Bash.

Answer Source

If your user have the necessary privileges you could use something like the following

while IFS=: read uName pw group shell; do
    # if shell is the empty string, set $shell to bash
    shell_path=$(which $shell)
    useradd -d /home/$group/$uName $uName -g $group -s $shell_path
    echo -e "$pw\n$pw\n | passwd $uName
done < "$filename"
unset IFS

call the script in the following way: ./script_name user.txt

and do not forget to make the script executable, i.e.

chmod u+x script_name

as mklement0 suggest, this should speed up the script.

i do not understand the comment about shell=${shell:-bash}

useradd manpage

passwd manpage

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