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Add calculated column at the end of command result

I want to get a list with those fields in just a command:


This is the result that I'd like to have:[TAB]54:a0:50:xx:xx:xx[TAB]ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.[TAB]Router[TAB]60:33:4b:xx:xx:xx[TAB]Apple, Inc.[TAB]iMac-John[TAB]08:ed:b9:xx:xx:xx[TAB]Apple, Inc.[TAB]iMac-Peter[TAB]c0:11:73:xx:xx:xx[TAB]Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd[TAB]Erik's Android

I can get the three first columns easily with this command:

sudo arp-scan -l | tail -n +3 | head -n -3

Result:[TAB]54:a0:50:xx:xx:xx[TAB]ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.[TAB]60:33:4b:xx:xx:xx[TAB]Apple, Inc.[TAB]08:ed:b9:xx:xx:xx[TAB]Apple, Inc.[TAB]c0:11:73:xx:xx:xx[TAB]Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd

The problem is to add the 4th column, I'm trying to do it with
command but I get the result in a new line instead of the format I like.

sudo arp-scan -l | tail -n +3 | head -n -3 | awk -F '\t' '{ print $0 system("getent hosts " $1) }'

Unexpected result:[TAB]Router[TAB]54:a0:50:xx:xx:xx[TAB]ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.[TAB]iMac-John[TAB]60:33:4b:xx:xx:xx[TAB]Apple, Inc.[TAB]iMac-Peter[TAB]08:ed:b9:xx:xx:xx[TAB]Apple, Inc.[TAB]Erik's Android[TAB]c0:11:73:xx:xx:xx[TAB]Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd

Any help will be appreciated!

Answer Source

The correct syntax for your current awk command is:

awk 'BEGIN { FS=OFS="\t" }
    cmd="getent hosts \"" $1 "\""
    $0 = $0 FS ( (cmd | getline line) > 0 ? line : "N/A" )

but you definitely don't need the tail since you could just do NR>2{...} in awk and there's a good chance you don't need the head either but without seeing the raw arp-scan output we can only guess.

Also - if this is all you're doing with awk then you should probably be using shell instead:

while IFS=$'\t' read -r ip rest; do
    printf '%s\t%s\t%s\n' "$ip" "$rest" $(getent hosts "$ip")
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