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CSS Question

how to set cursor style to pointer for links without hrefs

I have a lot of

html tags without the
attribute for making
javascript calls. These links do not have a pointer style of cursor. They have text style cursor.

How can I set the cursor style to pointer for links without using the

I know I can add href="#". I have this in a lot of places in the html document, and would like to know how to make cursor style pointer for links without using the


in your css file add this....

a:hover {

if you don't have a css file, add this to the HEAD of your HTML page

<style type="text/css">
 a:hover {

also you can use the href="" attribute by returning false at the end of your javascript.

<a href="" onclick="doSomething(); return false;">a link</a>

this is good for many reasons. SEO or if people don't have javascript, the href="" will work. e.g.

<a href="nojavascriptpage.html" onclick="doSomething(); return false;">a link</a>


Edit: Worth noting @BalusC's answer where he mentions :hover is not necessary for the OP's use case. Although other style can be add with the :hover selector.