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Javascript Question

Contact an author on Google Code

Note: this is not a programming question and I don't know where to ask.

I want to contact the authors of a Google Code project (SVGCanvas) to give them a transcoded version of their project (JS -> TS).

How do I get in touch with the authors?

I've tried to access the issue tracker but it's frozen. The Export to GitHub button returns the following error:

The Google Code project export tool is no longer available

And a link that says

The Google Code to GitHub exporter tool is no longer available. The source code for Google Code projects can now be found in the Google Code Archive.


The project is available here : https://github.com/arhea/html5-canvas-svg

And you can see the authors email here : https://code.google.com/archive/p/html5-canvas-svg/source/default/commits alex.rhea "ATT" gmail.com