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Duplicate Symbols when using multiple Native Extensions

I would like to use more ANE in my Adobe AIR 3.7 iOS Project, but when I compile, it says, the ContextFinalizer, and ContextInitializer symbols are duplicated. I think, more of my ANE-s use same named CI, and CF, but they are not opensourced, so I can't rename them. Any idea to hide the symbols (FlashBuilder 4.7 has a modul for this, but I use 4.6). Any workoround? Please Help me guys!

Answer Source

To solve this you'll need to use a version of the AIR SDK > 3.4 and compile on the command line. 4.7 has the option built in to select this, but previous version of flash builder do not.

You need to add the option: ‑hideAneLibSymbols yes, for example:

adt –package 
    -storetype pkcs12 
    -keystore cert.p12 
    -hideAneLibSymbols yes
    -extdir anes

More information on the adt command can be found HERE

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