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Python Question

Connecting HTML drop down list to Flask

Below is my HTML page:

<form action = "{{url_for('enter_ID')}}" method = "POST">
<select name = "ID">
<option value="ID1">Galactic_ID</option>
<option value="ID2">Phone_ID</option>
<option value="ID3">ident_ID</option>
ID:<input type = "text" name = "ID" />
<input type='submit' value='Submit'>

below is my

from models1 import Customer,Phone,ID_Card
from flask import Flask, request, session, redirect, url_for, render_template, flash,json,jsonify
import os
app = Flask(__name__)
@app.route('/',methods = ['GET','POST'])
def enter_ID():
if request.method == 'POST':
Galactic_ID = request.form['ID']
if Customer(Galactic_ID).find():
data = Customer(Galactic_ID).Customer_relationships()
return render_template('dropdown.html',data=json.dumps(data))
Phone_ID = request.form['ID']
if Phone(Phone_ID).find():
data = Phone(Phone_ID).Phone_relationships()
return render_template('dropdown.html',data=json.dumps(data))
ident_ID = request.form['ID']
if ID_Card(ident_ID).find():
data = ID_Card(ident_ID).ID_Card_relationships()
return render_template('dropdown.html',data=json.dumps(data))

return render_template('dropdown.html')

I get the error:

ValueError: View function did not return a response

My dropdown.html does have the necessary CSS and other details needed to render a d3.js graph. I have not found a standard way to connect the dropdown list to Flask. So , thought of posting it here.


If the request method is POST, but none of the filters trigger, no return statement is reached, and so None is returned, which is not a valid response.

Remove else before the last render_template.