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Angular2 Import self invoked jQuery library from query.selectareas.js give Runtime Error : jQuery is not defined

I have strange problem here with self invoked function which need jquery .

This is the library i want to use : jquery.selectareas.js

This is the code

import * as jQuery from 'jquery';
import "query.selectareas.js"

Runtime Error : jQuery is not defined at this line

I tried to import JQ with all different combinations

//import * as $ from 'jquery';
//import * as jQuery from 'jquery';
//window['$'] = window['jQuery'] = $;
//import "jquery"

What I understand that the imported jQuery should be available inside the jquery.selectareas.js scope when importing it, because they will be inside same scope .

Note : jquery work i used it after all import statements

Answer Source

You might need imports-loader

import  "imports-loader?jQuery=jquery!query.selectareas.js"

This will inject a jQuery variable to your imported module

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