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Greasemonkey script to pause video playback on non-active tabs

Often when browsing in Firefox, I'll right click on a link, and open it in a separate tab to view later, and go on reading the current page. When the link is a Youtube script, however, playback starts immediately even though the tab isn't active. Other video players (like fora.tv and TED.com) don't start playback until you activate that tab.

Is there a greasemonkey script that I can use to make sure that videos (and especially Youtube videos) are paused unless their tab is active?

Answer Source

I found two options:

"Youtube Alternate Video Player" (greasemonkey script) http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/13955

Script Summary: Replaces the youtube flash video player with FlowPlayer flash video player.

  • replaces the youtube player
  • no hd
  • no 16:9

Firefox Add-On "TubeStop" http://www.chrisfinke.com/addons/tubestop/

  • disables the autoplay on YouTube videos
  • does it every time (even if the tab is active)

I will keep the TubeStop addon for now.

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