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PHP Mocking Final Class

I am attempting to mock a php

final class
but since it is declared
I keep receiving this error:

PHPUnit_Framework_Exception: Class "Doctrine\ORM\Query" is declared "final" and cannot be mocked.

Is there anyway to get around this
behavior just for my unit tests without introducing any new frameworks?

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Since you mentioned you don't want to use any other framework, you are only leaving yourself one option: uopz

uopz is a black magic extension of the runkit-and-scary-stuff genre, intended to help with QA infrastructure.

uopz_flags is a function that can modify the flags of functions, methods and classes.

final class Test {}

/** ZEND_ACC_CLASS is defined as 0, just looks nicer ... **/

uopz_flags(Test::class, null, ZEND_ACC_CLASS);

$reflector = new ReflectionClass(Test::class);


Will yield