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C++ How to access the dynamical objects attributes

in my code, i've got two different objects. One "normal" object and one dynamical object:


Person firstPerson("Bernd",22);


Person* secondPerson = new Person("Andria", 33);

Now i want to create a method that can print the objects values (Name, Age) on the console. The Method below is working for the first object(1.) but not for the second object (2.):

void Person::printData(){
std::cout << "Name: " << Person::getName() << " ; Age: " << Person::getAge() << "." << std::endl;

How do i access the attributes of a dynamical created object? I know that i have to use "->" but i dont know how.
And is there a way to create only one method that is working for both methods?


Thanks in advance

Answer Source

Since secondPerson is a pointer do this: secondPerson->printData();

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