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Create signal handler for a single thread

I'm wondering if

will create a signal handler for the calling thread or the whole process. If it unblocks a signal and creates a signal handler for the entire process, then how can I make sure only a single thread will use the signal handler and have other threads block the signal.

In my case, I want a single thread to call a signal handler when an alarm signal goes off and the other threads to simply block it.

void alarmSigHandler(int signo){


void* alarm_thread_start_routine(void *arg){

// Perform some tasks


int main(){

// Main thread start

/* Unblock alarm signal */
/* Assign signal handler for alarm signal */

/* Launch alarm signal handler thread */

/* Block alarm signal with pthread_sigmask */

/* Do something */

return 0;

If a signal is sent to a threaded program, any of the threads can handle the signal.

Each thread inherits the process signal mask, but each thread has its own signal mask that can be modified with pthread_sigmask.

sigprocmask should not be used in a threaded environment, but it can be used before the threads are created.

The simplest way to handle signals in a multithreaded environment is to have a thread dedicated to signal handling.

Issues involving signal safety can be handled by using sigwait:

The main process blocks all signals before creating any threads.
No signal handlers are set up.
A thread is created to handle the signals.
That thread sets up a sigset_t containing the signals of interest.
It loops, calling sigwait and handles the pending signals.

Answer Source

From the man page for signals:

The signal disposition is a per-process attribute: in a multithreaded application, the disposition of a particular signal is the same for all threads.

So yes, when you set a signal handler it will handle signals sent to the process; signals aren't sent to each thread individually, it is sent to any one of the threads that aren't blocking the specific message being sent.

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