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How to store money in elasticsearch

I've created an elasticsearch index and my current mapping stores the dollar amount of an item as a string. This is proving to be difficult as I can't search/filter on this value correctly.

GET catalog/product/_search
"filter": {
"range": {
"price": {
"from": 230.0,
"to": 300.0

Where price is mapped as a string. I used a string because going from a python decimal value, I've had issues where this value suddenly gets values at something like 17.989999999999999999998789. This only happens sometimes but I don't wanna get into the issue of going from a python decimal to a java double/float (so I just str() the thing).

Any thoughts on a better approach? Should I bite the bullet and map the price to a double or a float?

Answer Source

This occurs because ElasticSearch has no built-in type for decimals or currency, so your value is likely being converted to a float and suffering from floating point precision issues.

You should be able to get around this by simply storing the value as a long (e.g. the number of cents rather than dollars) and converting to and from your decimal application-side.

Since you'll only ever do this conversion for values you are already enumerating, the performance impact should be negligible.

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