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Post a comment on a Pinterest Pin with PHP

I'm working on a script that search pins from the provided keyword and comments on it.

I'm using this Pinterest PHP Bot by Sergey Zhuk for this purpose. This is the method that the developer has shared in the documentation but it doesn't seem to work for me.

$result = $bot->pins->comment($pinId, 'your comment');

But the searching part is working really well.

The developer asked to use the login method if I want to perform tasks like creating pins, commenting etc. Which I have used as well but in vain.

Has someone used this script and can guide me if I'm doing something wrong?


Answer Source

It is my library. I've just tested and it works fine. Check if you use the latest version. Try to test comments with my test pin:

var_dump($bot->pins->comment('462393086724905917', 'test'));

What is the output?

Then check if there are any errors, after you leave a comment:


It seems that you have used wrong ids.

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