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Ignore click event when Velocity JS animation is running

I'm using Velocity JS but when I click on a button who trigger an animation if I click 10 times on this button the animation will be repated 10 times.

How it's possible to ignore the click event if an animation is running ?

I tried

but there is no effect.

I tried too
velocity.('stop', true)
but this will stop the animation and restart it at the last position and it looks like a "lag" if I click 10 times on my button.

Then here is my code :

$('#btn_animate').on('click', function(e){

duration :500,
complete: function() {
$('#box2').velocity('transition.flipXIn', {duration :800})


How can I do to avoid the click event when a Velocity JS animation is running ?

Answer Source

I had to read on a little about Velocity...

You did not provide the "effect registration" part.
I took it in the Velocity examples

    .RegisterEffect("transition.flipXIn", {
        defaultDuration: 700,
        calls: [
            [ { opacity: 1, rotateY: [ 0, -55 ] } ]
    .RegisterEffect("transition.flipXOut", {
        defaultDuration: 700,
        calls: [
            [ { opacity: 0, rotateY: 55 } ]
        reset: { rotateY: 0 }

So now, let's define a function that which called "theEffect".
This function does:

  • unbind click events from the button
  • do the animation
  • do the animation callback (which is another animation)
  • re-binds `click` events to the button in the second animation callback.
var theEffect = function(){
    console.log("UNBINDING click events from the button");

        complete: function() {
            $('#box2').velocity('transition.flipXIn', {
                complete: function() {
                    console.log("BINDING click events to the button");
// Initial binding

I got it working in this CodePen.
(with longest durations)

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